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15 September 10:00 - 16:00The Ground

🎉Pink Programming Sunday in Malmö! 🎉

Woho! Let us kick start this autumn with Pink Programming Sunday!  👏 Our host of this fisr event after a long summer break is our new dear friends at Tengai -  They are challenging the traditional job interview – “the black box of recruitment”. Curious? Check them out!

Pink Programming Sunday is an event where transgender, non-binary and women can meet up, code and network together. Whether you want to work on your own project or pair up with someone for the day is completely up to you.

All you need to bring is a laptop, a charger and a pair of headphones for tutorials. The event is free of charge and a free lunch will be served. You will receive an email regarding if you have a spot on the event or not.

If you have registered and need to cancel for some reason - please do so through the link provided in the registration email. We have a limited number of spots, and someone else will be happy to take your place!

Hope to see you there! 


9:45-10:00 Check-in with coffee/tea and mingle

10:00-10:10 Pink Programming introduction

10:10-10:30 Presentation about Tengai

10:30-12:00 Workshop with Tengai and Your Own Project 

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:15 - 13:45 Inspirational talk: Sanna Marklund

14:00-15:55 Continue  workshop 

15:55-16:00 End of the day with final goodbyes

About Tengai interview robot workshop (12 attendees with intermediate knowledge)

During this workshop you’ll learn how to program a social robot - i.e. you will have to decide what the robot says, how it responds to questions and how it blinks, nods and smiles, during the interaction with a real person. 

We will use Kotlin as the programming language but you don’t need to have any experience in Kotlin to be able to participate in the workshop, but some general programming knowledge from any programming language is needed, preferably Java, C# or similar. You will code on your own laptop and run the code in a robot simulator. 

At the end of the day you will be able to run your own code on a real robot and test the interaction with it. Before the workshop you will be asked to install necessary software on your laptop so that we can get started straight away on the day. This includes IntelliJ IDE, Java 8 JDK and Furhat SDK (more detailed installation instructions will be sent out prior to the workshop). Sanna and Vanja who are working on the development of Tengai, will be there to support and help you during the workshop.

Your own projects-workshop
For those of you who are not joining the robot workshop - don’t worry - we have fun stuff for you to do as well! We will have code mentors guiding you in the direction you want, and we will provide you with awesome online courses, and we will be right next to you to give you a hand if you get stuck! 

Maybe you want to try HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Data Science or something else? Let’s figure it out together :)

Workshop & Speakers

Sanna Marklund
Fullstack Developer

Sanna has worked as a developer for just over two years, starting right after her masters in media technology from KTH. After working for Dagens industri for the better part of that time she decided it was time for something new and ended up building software for the robot Tengai. 

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Elin Öberg Mårtenzon
CEO of Tengai Unbiased and Chief Innovation Officer at TNG

Elin is a leader and a visionary recruitment pioneer, driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR and recruitment. She has over 15 years’ experience from the recruitment field, and a background from the IT-recruitment industry in Sweden. And has served in director roless, at global recruitment players as well as start-ups. Elin is an active keynote speaker on the subjects of the future of recruitment and HR-tech disrupt. She is also the CEO of Tengai Unbiased. Elin is passionate about facing current challenges in the industry, and combining the recruitment process with exciting technological solutions.

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Vanja Tufvesson
Chief Technology Officer at Tengai AB

Vanja has a masters degree in mathematics and over six years of experience as a software developer from a range of industries and companies. As a co-founder of Pink Programming, she has taught thousands of women to code. And in 2019 Vanja was awarded ”Female Founder of the Year” by DI Digital in Sweden. In her role as Chief Technology Officer at Tengai AB, her intention is to develop Tengai and make sure that the robot is meeting market expectations. Vanja values equality highly and Tengai’s purpose and mission reflect that. She is passionate about team building and company culture while she keeps her focus on questions like diversity, and inclusion.

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Organized by Pink Programming

Pink Programming
@pinkprogramming malmo@pinkprogramming.se

Pink Programming is a non profit organisation aiming to encourage and inspire women to code. This is done by hosting coding meetups, code camps and events all over Sweden.